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Barnstaple gym memberships at GymX, North Devon_

Gym Memberships Barnstaple

For people who want a straightforward gym membership in Barnstaple with no commitments, no tie-ins, or equipment wait times in a motivating environment. This is the exact reason why here at GymX we created our Open Gym Memberships because we believe that everyone deserves access to the best training tools and resources that allow you to work out on your own terms. 


With our Open Gym Membership, you'll have access to our private, fully equipped facility all without the crowded gyms that you’re probably used to. Our sessions are limited to a maximum of four people at one time, split across two floors so that you’ve got all the space you need.

Not only this but you'll also get access to our GymX training app platform, which provides you with a personalised workout experience. As part of being a GymX member, you’ll have access to our gym app which offers a variety of features that can help you achieve your fitness goals, including exercise demos, workout plans, and progression tracking. No more walking into the gym not knowing what to do or quitting after a week because you're bored and not seeing results. 

A gym member using the weights in GymX, Barnstaple.
Watson gym equipment at GymX, Barnstaple_

At GymX, we prioritise our members' needs and preferences which is why we made our facility North Devon’s ONLY private gym which offers gym membership. With our open gym membership, you can book your own slot in the gym and it’s yours for the hour. You'll never have to worry about crowded workout spaces, inconvenient hours, or restrictive gym rules. Our goal is to offer a flexible and personalised fitness experience that works for you.


So, what are you waiting for? Join our open gym membership today and take advantage of our private state-of-the-art facility and innovative training app platform.

What Do You Get

Semi-Private Gym

Two spaces are available for gym access every hour, no waiting for equipment to become free. You can easily book your slot via our app.

Gym Programme

Don't know what exercises to do? Have your first FREE gym programme on us. Watch our exercise demos and track your progress to see guaranteed results. Or, if you want more support, you can book onto one of our tailored personal training programs.

The best equipment in the business and carefully selected with you in mind. Take a look for yourself on our gym gallery page.

Nutritional Tracking 

Our app allows you to scan barcodes for convenient tracking of your calories. Is your goal to lose weight? Or gain weight? Find out where you're going wrong here. After all, what gets measured, gets managed.

An exercise bike next to a technogym treadmill and a stairmaster in GymX, Barnstaple_
Gym equipment at GymX in Barnstaple, North Devon_

Access To A Coach

Our coaches are always on hand for advice or help with anything whilst you are training. Need them to check technique? No Problem.

Gym Community

Join a community of like-minded individuals who all have the same ambitions in life... to become the best versions of themselves.

Bring A Friend

Want a training partner? Bring a friend with you four times a month at no extra cost.

Our Membership Options

Our Barnstaple gym memberships come with no joining fee or contract, giving you the freedom to leave when you like.


£10 Per Session

One hour gym access pass

Book your slot via our app

Drop-in sessions available 

One Week Pass

£20 Per Week

One week gym access pass

Access to our app

Ideal for those on holiday

Monthly Pass

£39 Per Month

First gym programme included

Free gym induction

No minimum contract

What are the next steps?

GymX Open Gym Membership, Barnstaple
  • What are the benefits of online personal training?
    Online personal training offers several benefits, including flexibility in scheduling workouts, cost-effectiveness compared to in-person training, accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection, and personalised guidance tailored to your goals and needs. It also allows for ongoing support and accountability from a qualified trainer.
  • Is online personal training suitable for beginners?
    Absolutely! Online personal training can be suitable for beginners as trainers can provide guidance on proper form, technique, and exercise progressions. They can tailor programs to match your current fitness level and gradually advance as you become more comfortable and gain strength.
  • How does online personal training work?
    Online personal training typically starts with an initial consultation to discuss your goals, fitness level, equipment availability, and any limitations. The trainer then designs a personalised workout program and provides instructional videos, written instructions, or interactive app-based workouts. Communication with the trainer may occur through video calls, messaging, or email for progress updates, questions, and feedback.

"The hardest part of working out is getting started. Once you're moving, it gets easier."

Love training here. Liam is very welcoming and always on hand if and when needed with his knowledge and expertise. It’s a fantastic set up and great place to train. All the kit you could need!

Charlie B

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