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Gym Memberships Bideford

The most private open gym space in the North Devon area.

(1-2 people at any one time)

We provide gym memberships in Barnstaple which allow you to have access to a semi-private gym space with state-of-the-art equipment at an affordable price.

Unlimited gym access plus bring a friend 4 times per month.

Book your sessions via our easy-to-use app. 

Gym equipment in GymX. A personal training studio in Barnstaple, North Devon_
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For those who want to learn the tools required to reach your fitness goals with the guidance and support of a personal trainer in Barnstaple.

We will teach you not only how to push yourself beyond what you thought possible but show you how to perform exercises correctly under load.


Memberships include private one-to-one coaching sessions, a training programme to suit your goals and lifestyle, nutritional advice and open gym access to training in a private studio outside of your personal training sessions.

For those who want to train with a friend or partner and want support and guidance from a coach, you'll get the same benefits as the one-to-one membership but you learn and train together.

Different levels of fitness and experience?

Not a problem! Your coach will tailor each session to your individual requirements and goals so you both get a great workout.

Fitness classes in Barnstaple, North Devon_
Exercise class in Bideford, North Devon_

Want to train with your team or club and take your fitness a step further?

Strength and conditioning are key for every athlete to strengthen supporting muscles, increase mobility, stabilise joint movement and in the process learn new movement patterns.

We offer group training sessions (2-6 people) for those who have mixed levels of experience and fitness with a bootcamp style to motivate you and unleash your competitive side. 

Release and reduce tension in the muscles, aid recovery and improve circulation with proven therapy.​

Sports massage aids in quicker recovery following intense exercise through focused and systematic manipulation of muscle tissue.​

Amateur and elite athletes alike benefit from regular maintenance sports massages along with pre and post-workout therapy.

Not only for sports performance athletes, if you suffer with back pain following manual labour this could be the right treatment for you.

Sports massage at GymX Barnstaple
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Personalised training programmes to suit your goals, all available through our app.

Whether you train from home, at a different gym or you're on the road, we've created over 1000 videos to show you how to perform exercises correctly.

​Want to have a plan when you walk into any fitness facility in the country?

We've got you covered!

"Exercise is not about being perfect. It's about being consistent."

GymX is great private gym. Liam offers PT training and exclusive use of the gym without PT’s great range of equipment for a quiet and private place to train.

Tristan M

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